President’s Message

Ted Gerber
Ted Gerber, President
The “go local” movement has been a common theme across the country. Many people have turned their backs on big corporations and are taking a closer look at their own communities to see if they can find a better alternative. And many are. They are discovering that by going local they can have a positive influence in the lives of people around them, helping to create a good place to live and work. They are finding out that you don’t have to have a big corporate headquarters to offer good products and services. And they are definitely being reminded that talking to someone you know is better than talking to someone in Atlanta, or India.Banking is the same way. Banking locally is a chance to make a hometown investment you can be proud of. After all, the money deposited into Community Bank will be reinvested in ways that drive our local economy, like loans to local residents who wish to buy a home or to small business owners who are looking to open a new shop. As a small business ourselves, we only thrive when our customers and communities do the same, so taking care of our customers and looking out for the best interest of our community is ingrained in the way we conduct business each and every day. And when customers call us, they do not end up talking to someone halfway across the globe. Instead, they speak with someone who lives and works in the same community they do.So the next time you think about getting a haircut, getting some materials for your next project, or going out to dinner, give a local business a try. And when it’s time to refinance your mortgage or open up a new IRA, come down to see what Community Bank can do for you. You, and your community, will be happy you did.

Bank Officers:

Terry Gerber, Chairman of the Board

Ted Gerber, President/CEO/Grantsburg Branch Manager

Tim Gerber, CFO/Cameron Branch Manager

Donn Warner, Senior VP Loans

Joan Turner, VP Loans

Shari Gaier, VP Operations

Jamie Morales, Siren Branch Manager